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A social network for the small businesses of Aotearoa.

What is Manaaki?

Manaaki is an online community, empowering small business owners with game-changing content, advice from business experts, powerful networks, and opportunities that open doors. 

If you’ve come here from our old forum, welcome! You can post questions and get answers from experts here too. Just click ‘Join’, then post your question on the ‘Home’ feed!

A quick breakdown of all our offerings

Manaaki Community

Your place to network, get expert advice, helpful resources, and new opportunities.

Manaaki Do - Coming Soon.

Where small businesses and freelancers can connect to get jobs done, together.

Manaaki TV - Coming Soon. 

Educational and entertaining content from leading business legends – like Netflix but for small businesses.

Manaaki U - Coming Soon. 

Need a new skill? Learn it from the best in business, at your own pace, and on-the-go.

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