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A social network for the small businesses and skills seekers of Aotearoa.

What is Manaaki?

Manaaki is an online community empowering its members to achieve their personal version of success through business or employment. 

We deliver practical online courses, engaging content, instant advice from business pros, personal intros to super-connected people, and door-opening opportunities, with the help of people who look like you. All on a beautiful, digital platform, centred in community.

If you’ve come here from our old forum, welcome! You can post questions and get answers from experts here too. Just click ‘Join’, then post your question on the ‘Home’ feed!

A quick breakdown of all our offerings

Manaaki Community - Networking

Your place to network, read engaging content, get instant advice from business pros, personal intros to super-connected people, and find door-opening opportunities.

Manaaki Mentor - Kōrero with Manaaki Experts

Every person in Aotearoa is about two degrees of separation away from anyone else. For our small business whānau, we’re bringing them even closer together, thanks to our mates at 2degrees Business.

If you’re a small business owner, you can catch up with a Kiwi business expert just by clicking ‘Book a time’ below. A kōrero with one of these legends could be the start of something big.

Manaaki U - Online course 

Need a new skill? Learn it from the best in business, at your own pace, and on-the-go. New online courses are added every month. Whether you're a part of a cohort program or a self-directed learner. Check out courses here.

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