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Carolyn Kerr

INDUSTRY - Brand & Marketing

Carolyn is a communications specialist who is passionate about helping businesses achieve critical outcomes while growing their reputations and earning the trust of the people who matter most to them. Caro is managing director and co-founder of Anthem, an integrated communications and marketing agency that helps companies find their most powerful voice, to forge meaningful connections and shared purpose with their communities of interest.  Anthem offers strategic advisory services delivered through high quality execution across all communications channels. Anthem is an independent, Kiwi business with an amazing team of agile, talented communicators and marketers. Anthem’s services range from corporate and B2B communications, internal communications and employee engagement, issues and change management, stakeholder engagement, executive coaching and government relations, to brand strategy and design, creative storytelling and innovative content production.


Caro is keen to help the Manaaki community of businesses to communicate effectively with their key stakeholders, be it employees, suppliers or other key stakeholders; to manage issues related to changes brought about by the impact of COVID-19; and find ways to build trusted relationships and reputations through transparent and engaging content, underpinned by clear messaging. Caro is also happy to share any pointers from her experience establishing and running a small, agile business and the topic of leadership.


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