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Colart Miles

INDUSTRY - Leadership

Colart Miles is an experienced leader and mentor with a rich and interesting life history. Born and raised in Sub-Saharan Africa, Colart has witnessed many human extremes including a wide range of tragedies and triumphs. His firm belief in the immense potential that lays dormant in each of us drives his approach to life.

Colart is pursuing his passion for helping organizations to speed up innovation and to find new futures. Past clients include; Westpac, Adherium, Downer EDS, IXOM, Serato.com, NZME, Ooooby.com, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and Air New Zealand (Innovations and Ventures).

His career has spanned a variety of industries in Europe, the U.S. and New Zealand including; social media, broadcast television, entertainment, media (print & online), IT outsourcing, banking, insurance, financial services, oil and N.G.O.’s.

Colart’s approach to leadership is intensely personal, insightful, compassionate and highly productive. Working with Colart, expect to be inspired, challenged and energized!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”
~ African Proverb

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