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Deb Shepherd

INDUSTRY - Business Growth

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and business as a vehicle for social change. I have a portfolio of interests including part-time Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland Business School. My research and teaching focus is on entrepreneurial SMEs, family businesses, social entrepreneurship and innovation, and the entrepreneurial mindset.  A founding faculty member of The ICEHOUSE Growth programmes I have been involved since 2001 in the development, design and delivery of business growth programmes for Owner Managers of SMEs who come from all sectors and industries. I am actively involved in Biocell, our family biotechnology business, as Chair and consult to a vareity of SMEs and family businesses. I am a Director of Soul Capital and Resero and sit on the advisory boards of Onguard and Forrest Wines. I am an investor in a number of start ups through ICEHOUSE Ventures and Soul Capital. I work with government as a member of NZTE’s Better By Design Advisory board, the Australian and NZ e-invoicing board(ANZEIB), and Small Business Advisory providing input and advice to the Minister of Small Business..

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