Edwin Lim


Ed is a partner for tech, media and IP law firm Hudson Gavin Martin and lives and breathes tech. He’s in a unique position where he can leverage his combined technical and legal qualifications and experience to provide technical, practical and commercial legal advice. Ed helps businesses on all aspects of business law, particularly if they have a tech / media / IP angle. It’s his interest in IT that means he looks beyond the legal perspective.

Passionate about giving back to the industry and the community, Ed holds and has held board positions for the NZ Software Association, NZ Game Developers Association, and ADLS Technology Law Committee.

Ed helps business and business owners right from start-ups through to multinationals, both service providers and customers of tech, media and IP products. This gives him practical nous on what is accepted in the market. Ed is well placed to advise on business, commercial, legal and risk issues – even if you’re not in a tech/media/IP business yourself. Ed is happy to answer any queries, even if you’re unsure a lawyer is the right person to talk to.


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