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Franky Wang

INDUSTRY - Finance & Funding

Franky Wang is a strong banking professional at BNZ with a demonstrated track record of working in the Commercial, Corporate and Institutional Banking sectors across China, Australia and New Zealand. He is currently held responsible to manage a portfolio of large and complex customers at BNZ dealing directly with Asia from both capital inflow and trade outflow perspectives in New Zealand. He also drives and executes the development of BNZ Asia Strategy. 


Other than banking, Franky volunteers with Cure Kids as the first Asian Special Advocate, tasked with promoting the Cure Kids brand in the Asian community in New Zealand. Such initiative started with his son being pre-matured and received enormous medical support locally in Auckland. Franky also sits on the Board of Kāhui Tū Kaha to support the diversity and inclusion from culture and ethnical aspects to ensure proper governance is in place for the organisation that is part of Ngati Whatua. 


He can connect New Zealand business networks with China and Asia through strong his strong business networks, domestic and overseas contacts, bilingual and perfect understanding of multi-cultures, ethnic and geographical challenges and opportunities in the business and governance space. 

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