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Garry Mooney

INDUSTRY - Finance & Funding

Managing director and major shareholder of ICIB Limited.

New Zealand’s Leading Insurance Broker to the Wine Industry

Icehouse OMP25
Associate in Risk Management (Insurance Institute of America)
Fellow – Insurance Institute of New Zealand
Fellow – Australia & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance
Fellow – Corporation of Insurance Brokers of New Zealand

ICIB Limited is a result of merger in 2008 between my company, Mooney & Associates and Industrial & Commercial Insurance Brokers.

We provide risk management and insurance broking services to commercial and industrial clients, specializing in food and beverage, IT, hire & rental.

A large part of our business is provision of risk management and insurance services to the wine industry. I developed our own specialized policy wording specifically for wineries at Mooney & Associates. This is now utilized by hundreds of wineries throughout NZ, both directly and by wholesale.

I have been working in the insurance industry since 1975 and commenced my own risk management and insurance broking business in 1988.

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