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Glenn Marvin

INDUSTRY - Technology & Digital

Glenn left the NZ Police in 2005 thinking he had no transferable skills in the corporate world At the time he had no idea the years of Policing the streets had given him some incredibly powerful insights and experience in human behaviour that would transform his career.

Quickly rising through the corporate ranks he fell in love with the world of Digital Marketing. Joining the team at SureFire Search Marketing in 2010 as director of sales he built an entirely new division focused on SME businesses. In a 4yr period that team grew to 25 staff and over made the Deloitte Fast 500 tech firms in Asia and was eventually sold to an International Agency.

In 2017 He launched Konnector which is focussed solely on supporting SME’s in business planning and marketing strategy and action plans. Konnector has a team of coaches and consultants (that don’t charge like corporates) dedicated to helping Small Business Owners with a DIY attitude.

Website: http://www.konnector.co.nz


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