Manaaki Advisor.


Ian ‘Harv’ Harvey

Social Enterprise - Community

Harv is a company founder, regenerative farmer, blogger, podcaster, mentor/facilitator and an expert in the power of harnessing collective intelligence to hone your business and personal effectiveness.

His company, Collective Intelligence, was one of the first tranche of certified B Corps in Aotearoa and is a social enterprise that nurtures a regenerative ecosystem for business people. Harv, along with his nationwide team of facilitators, offers bespoke, team-based training and support to professionals who want to adapt, survive and thrive whilst improving their business wellbeing. His network is a connected community of curious, competent, ambitious and authentic professionals drawn from 70+ business fields and curated into diverse teams that wield the power of collective intelligence to evolve themselves (and others). And his experience? Over 25 years of curating people and refining his uniquely New Zealand approach of professional development into the peer-to-peer learning model that his company is known for today.