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Jerry Clode

INDUSTRY - Brand & Marketing

Jerry Clode is recognised globally for a broad “special set of skills”.  Beginning his research career as a tenured Chinese media specialist at RMIT University, Melbourne, Jerry leveraged this academic base to launch a ground-breaking career in market research and brand development.

Given his ‘break’  as a “non-Chinese Chinese language moderator” in Shanghai, Jerry worked closely with Disney to localise their dream for China.  Dissatisfied with the status-quo stagnating the world of qualitative research, he developed new immersive and cultural approaches for clients eager ‘for more’.  This involved spending hours in the cab of long-haul truck drivers to help BP get closer to B2B consumers.  On another occasions, living with Chinese families for weeks-at-a-time to understand how Unilever could be of greater relevance in their lives.

Head-hunted by WPP (Added Value), Jerry led their Cultural Insight offer in Asia (in Shanghai), then co-lead Global (in London).  A key component of this role was to make semiotic, cultural and immersive approaches accessible for global clients.  This involved ambitious client immersion projects globally for brands such as Phillips and Pepsico.  Also, leveraging semiotics to help Land Rover, Absolut and Arla strategically reposition themselves for new markets and demographics.

Jerry returned to New Zealand for family reasons last year, from a senior role in Shanghai.  He believes he can be a “game changer” in terms of helping businesses identify and engage emergent cultural shifts, so they can occupy meaningful category roles, and aspirationally align with their local audience.

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