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John Stokes

INDUSTRY - Food & Beverage

Eat The Kiwi an international Food Company was born out of the success of The Produce Company, a business responsible for sourcing and delivering high quality, fresh food to many of New Zealand’s top restaurants since the 80’s. Eat the Kiwi has set up offices and warehouses in Auckland, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Western Samoa where we are on the ground pushing NZ’s best products into different food channels. Check us out on www.eatthekiwi.com

The Produce Company is 100% New Zealand owned. Backed by a loyal team with an eye for detail and a passion for excellence. Perhaps most importantly, we possess a quality that is sadly lacking in today’s world… we genuinely care about our customers success and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them. Check us out on www.produce.co.nz

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