INDUSTRY - Business Growth

Liz Oliver

INDUSTRY - Business Growth

I am an experienced Director who brings an emphasis on capital raising, growth strategies and commercial sales & marketing through to philanthropic fundraising. I’m a shrewd operator who quickly understands key issues (both financial and commercial) and drives for enhanced business performance with the long game in mind. I excel in business strategy, complex business to business sales & marketing, organisation growth and company turn-around. I am driven by applying strategic disciplines, creativity and connectivity to make a difference to New Zealand.

I run a boutique private equity investment company and advisory firm where I assist companies with professionalising their operation in preparation for raising capital for international expansion. My expertise can add value to (but not limited to) boards in the following sectors: manufacturing, business to business, business to consumer, SaaS, technology, professional services.

Working with people and organisations who are interested in positive transformation is where I excel. This extends to philanthropy where I aim to make positive, social and environment impacts.

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