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Mark Clare

INDUSTRY - Finance & Funding

I am an investment banker.

I am the founding partner in boutique New Zealand-based investment bank Clare Capital. Clare Capital provides mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital raising and corporate finance advice.

Recent Clare Capital transactions include: The sale of The Last Pickle [TLP] to DataStax [2020], advising NZOG [NZX:NZO] on the proposed scheme of arrangement with OGOG [2019], advising Xero [ASX:XRO] on M&A activities – including the acquisition of Instafile [2018/9], the sale of Infratil’s [NZX:IFT] Snapper business [2019], and the sale of NZX’s [NZX:NZX] FundSource business to Zenith Investment Partners [2019].

Prior to Clare Capital I was a founding partner in Woodward Partners. Woodward Partners transactions, that I personally led, included: the sale of BNZ’s commercial insurance business to Aon [2011], the sale of Radian Technology to Tru-Test [2012], and the capital raise for Scoop Media [2012].

I was also the founder of Valuecruncher – a web-based software application that provides interactive valuation tools for publicly-traded companies. Valuecruncher was referenced by Barron’s [http://bit.ly/bUyCdh] and Umair Haque in Harvard Business Review [http://bit.ly/a1hkG7]. From Umair Haque’s article:

“Tracked, ValueCruncher, StockTwits, and many more are the leading edge of a revolution — a revolution in what finance has been for the last several centuries, and what it must become in the 21st.”


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