INDUSTRY - Business Growth

Melissa Wragge

INDUSTRY - Business Growth

I have 25 years experience leading large scale transformation in blue-chip corporates, SMEs, NPOs and start-ups. The first half was as a capitalist, the second half as a conscious capitalist.

I’m passionate about sustainability, holistically – people:planet:profit. I believe in business as a force for good.

I use a rigorous 5-step process with simple frameworks and diagnostic tools to unlock hidden value in a business’s eco-system. It starts first with knowing your ‘WHO’. Designs are created and translated into sustainable business and operating models. Innovation happens anywhere.

I work to build organisational capability as I go. The journey can be challenging, but it’s richly rewarding. People most enjoy the surprise benefits of new revenue streams, market risk reduction, cultural cohesion and productivity gains.

About me:
I was schooled in systems based design-led thinking as a plucky kiwi in the UK in the mid 1990’s alongside the world’s top management consultants. I went on to lead transformation programmes running very large departments in blue-chips like ANZ, Westpac, The Warehouse, BT, Prudential. I then left the corporate world and moved to the ‘bright side’. I’m most recognised and awarded for the transformation I took Ecostore through, from hippy-fringe to main-stream. I am owner and principle of Tensegrity, intent on helping businesses unlock their potential, sustainably.

I love my craft and the privilege I have every day, to do good work, for good, with wonderful people. “When you move your focus from competition to contribution, life becomes a celebration” Buddha

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