Manaaki Advisor.


Michael Murphy

Governance, Technology & Digital

Michael is a director, advisor, investor and mentor across various start-ups and tech driven businesses.  Michael works with globally ambitious start-up and early-stage ventures as well as more established businesses, looking to innovate and adopt a more exponential mindset to drive their growth.

Working across both groups, cross pollinating ideas and methods, is where Michael is most energised: bringing experience and disciplined entrepreneurship to early stage ventures and helping more mature businesses explore the opportunities for growth and manage the risks presented by these massively disruptive times.

During a career spanning over 30 years, Michael has undertaken a range of entrepreneurial, management and Board roles.  He started his career as a consultant in several global consulting firms and then moved on to start his own company, drive its rapid growth and exit to one of the world’s top 5 IT companies.

In Michael’s various roles he has built and managed a number of high performing businesses and teams across sales, operations and solution delivery.  In the last few years, he has set-up and run several innovation programs both in the commercial and public sectors.  Michael has advised and invested in a number of start-up and early stage businesses, as well as undertaken advisory and governance roles on the Boards of innovative, early stage and more mature businesses.