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Rob Johnson

INDUSTRY - Technology & Digital

Yes, I know, a crap photo …. but selfies aren’t my specialty.   I’m a technology, IT services and power industry geek who hates the limelight.   So you won’t find too much about me on Google !

If you’re a small business, doing technology, thinking of working with government, dealing with IT providers, working to create a social enterprise, or simply want cheaper power, give me a nudge.

I moved to Waikato, in a position to retire at 45, determined to cut some grass and start to use my “powers” for good.   After talking to the local community, beneficiaries, charities and young people, I decided to self-fund and work with young people in the Waikato to build companies using technology for good – we’ve built blockchain apps, AI and machine learning, VR/AR all sorts of stuff and finally we ended up building a SAAS platform that creates power companies.

All of our technology is being used to improve people’s lives.  Shout out:




Oh …. I forgot to mention … before age 45, moving to Waikato e.t.c. I built best of breed management and technology consulting companies with great partners and those companies continue to operate without me. I’ve personally led project teams that have created and changed some of the biggest companies in New Zealand.  I continue to provide trusted technology, project delivery and mentoring advice for a number of private companies, government agency and large companies.

So, you’ll get the advice the big guys paid for, and betterer – it’s FREE !

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