Manaaki Advisor.


Sasha Lockley


I am an experienced financial services executive leader who is grounded by my core values of authenticity, integrity, fairness, and empathy.

I believe that people are good, and that bad things can happen to any of us. This is shown as true in our current environment where the impact of COVID19 has been felt throughout our country and our people.

I believe that life is inherently unpredictable and that the ‘bad’ event shouldn’t define us and that through adversity can come great strength.

My Sweetspot for Manaaki is helping people and businesses figure out their baby step- the one thing that they could do today that will bring a brighter, clearer, tomorrow. I’m a qualified accountant, and also hold a Masters in Advanced Leadership Practice that dovetails nicely with my experience.

My specific expertise relate to leadership, entrepreneurial storytelling, customer strategy & experience, operational delivery, people/HR strategy, and navigating transformation & change.