Manaaki Advisor.


Warren Kilham

Food & Beverage

Warren is a strategic accountant with a proactive problem solving approach. He designs and implements plans to improve profitability and cashflow and takes care to identify and manage business risks. He focuses on long term improvements, using technology to improve the quality of decision making and the efficiency of accounting processes.

As Chief Financial Officer for Bevie, he leads the accounting teams in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. He is part of the executive team and works alongside the board of directors to deliver business strategies.

Warren has worked with a wide range of businesses from sole traders and charitable trusts through to multinational companies. He is experienced with financial reporting (IFRS) and New Zealand taxation.

He is also a talented musician, a member of the Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir and part time oboist. He has toured internationally with the New Zealand Youth Choir and the University of Auckland Chamber Choir.