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Kia Ora, I recently launched a website designed to tell students if their highschool crush likes them back. The website is called zulicrush.com, and has had a really encouraging level of success at Western Springs College (where it launched) with over 1/4 of the school signing up (either from seeing our marketing or from being invited by another user). Part of our success was that we could market freely at WSC, as it’s our own school. However with no investors or sponsors as of yet we really don’t have the capital to spread it to other schools (a more pricey venture, though one which we can do relatively cheaply with giveaways and targeted ads). My understanding of our predicament is this: we need to either get media coverage, or an injection of capital to effectively get our brand and idea out there. However, in order to get investors or sponsors we need to either a) show that we’re turning a profit (however we’re not monetising our product yet), b) know the right people (which we don’t), or c) show that we have a steadily growing user base (which we need marketing for). I imagine we’ll have similar issues trying to get media coverage (+ covid doesn’t help). What are our next steps? Should we be reaching out to investors/sponsors/media despite our relatively small user-base? Is there someone you could put us in touch with who would like their brand to be featured in the niche market of teenagers in relationships? What are other ways we could get 1000 bucks under our belt to spread the word? What are the best media channels/investors to reach out to? Thanks so much in advance,Brodie

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APP Developers with te ao Māori understanding

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