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Shopify or WordPress/WooCommerce for e-commerce. We purchased the development of a new website and online shop on WordPress/WooCommerce, launched end March 2020 (previously on Wix). We weren’t advised to use Shopify at the time. We are ratcheting up our e-commerce – refining our web design and email marketing etc etc. It has been suggested to us that a really smart e-commerce system is easier done with Shopify (designed for e-commerce and easier to use) rather thanWordPress/WooCommerce (great if you want special design but not easy to use). Further, that we should change now before we undertake the refinement of our e-commerce. If we were starting with no website, it is probably a no-brainer – go with Shopify. But we have our website in place, and we’ve been working with it for nearly 3months. I understand that we must look forward for what ‘s best, and not focus on sunk costs – but what is best? The question for us is: Is Shopify better than WordPress/WooCommerce for us and if so why? Should we change now before refinement despite what it will cost to change ($3k or so) and the disruption to do this. Especially when we are in a critical point of recovery from C-19 impacts. Or is this something that could be actioned at another point? The context for the decision is: None of us are experts in any of these apps/platforms, but we’ve been learning. The labour pool that we draw from doesn’t have these skills either so we use self-learning and training to make do in this area. The developer who set up our WordPress/WooCommerce site/shop advises when required at a cost, but is not ‘on-tap’ support. We only have a small range of products we produce in our online shop but want to expand our offering in a range of ways – so we have much more of a store worth visiting!! Turnover is only about $5k currently.

Question submitted by @anonymous 01/07/2020 @ 1:18 pm

Woah, there are SO many different platforms to make a website on. How do I know which one is best for me?

Question submitted by @anonymous 18/06/2020 @ 10:33 am

HiWith the help of 4 Volunteers, I am looking to set up a new website which acts like a virtual warehouse where registered charities can find and post  required pre-loved quality goods for the vulnerable people they service and the NZ public can post the goods they have to donate. The best way to understand how it works is to look at givit.org.au, which was set up 10 or so years ago and has been really successful across Australia. I have a zoom meeting with the founder this week to learn from her success at set up and over the last few years. Mine is called KiwiKindness and is purely not-for-profit. It is essentially a collaborative tool to support charities reach a wider audience and be more targeted about the goods they receive and to assist NZers easily find the charities/community groups to donate their quality pre-loved (or new) goods to.My question is around funding and where to start. I am obtaining a quote for design and development and ongoing maintenance of the website. Initial conversations indicate circa $8K.  Resourcing will be myself and Volunteers, non paid (as long as it remains manageable!). We will need funding/sponsorship for the website development and ongoing maintenance. We may also need sponsorship for assisting to transport larger items from the donor to the charity from time to time. Otherwise it is up to the charity and the donor to work out whether the item/s are dropped off, picked up or posted.I am trying to avoid becoming a charitable trust in the initial stages to keep it simple. The business model/structure may change as demand grows. I have a draft business plan if you are interested.Any help/advice is much appreciated. Many thanks Meg 

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I need help setting up my shopify account. 

Question submitted by @jheath07 13/06/2020 @ 3:34 pm
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