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I need advice on setting up  coffee roasting business?

Question submitted by @vanessaeose 11/07/2020 @ 9:00 am

We produce jar honey that have been ranged in one of the main supermarket chains in New Zealand for a couple of years. Whist we trade as a honey company, we’re actually a Maori land trust with 9000ha in an isolated part of NZ so we also do projects in research and development for our indigenous forests and biodiversity. Our kaupapa is for our people and land, so training people from our community and creating meaningful jobs are real drivers for us. The commercial implications of this kaupapa for our business is that it runs on tighter margins than most.Our brand is positioned as higher value, offering provenance and high quality monofloral forest tree honey range. We have done OK in supermarkets as higher end choice for customers but with Covid-19 lockdown sales collapsed to 25% of ‘normal’. A number of factors appear to have caused this drop – overseas tourists may accounted for up to 20% or more of ‘normal’ sales – we can’t really tell. Belt-tightening of course is another factor, and less shopping in supermarkets in at least the lockdown period. Whatever the case we are in deep shtook. Our response has been expand in supermarkets (go into the other main chain), but at the same time we are facing really fierce price competition. Whilst we have C1-9 crisis we are also facing a crisis in the honey industry. Manuka boom led to overpricing and overproduction of non-manuka honey for blending but then new labelling standards killed all that, and now with glut prices for non-manuka have dropped way below cost of production. Big companies seem to be happy to supply the NZ market with honey priced lower and lower even thought this is not profitable or sustainable. We are unable to compete with this. We have already dropped some of our honey pricing below COP in order to compete but holding other varietals at break even and find despite our special offering we just cannot compete. We need advice on how to deal with our brand/market in NZ.We have exported to China and Japan in the past but partners there have fallen over. We are talking to old contacts and have a range of leads we are following up but it is a shotgun kind of approach depending on what market out contacts operate in. We need help in getting export going.We are also doing all we can with capability we have to do more e-commerce and although we have grown this a lot, it is still small in the scheme of things. Keen to discuss further details with an advisor. We are able to get advice on finance and HR issues but market and brand management so much harder to get. Look forward to hearing from you…

Question submitted by @anonymous 27/05/2020 @ 12:43 pm

I want help with Social Media, can anyone recommend a company that does this? based in Christchurch 

Question submitted by @anonymous 17/05/2020 @ 4:06 pm

Greetings, we operate an ice cream truck in the sunny Hawkes Bay.  Aiming to open in Alert level 2, we have a major concern over contact tracing. As our customers are predominantly children, how do we ensure they are providing us contact details safely? If we take orders online or by phone contract tracing is not an issue, however the bulk of the payments we receive from children is by cash. We have already worked out how to use cash safely, that is the easy part.We plan to leave hand sanitiser on a table for customers to use prior to collecting their order and a visitor book for contact details. How do we ensure customers are sanitising their hands without hovering over them? How do we ensure customers are completing the visitor book with their correct details without physically checking each time? If we use a visitor book, how do we protect children’s privacy?  If there is an adult with a child, are just the parents details all we require? We are concerned about the potential dangers of: Customers handling pens and the visitor book with out sanitising.Not collecting the correct details of each customer.The privacy of each customer (particularly children where there may be a custody issue or restraining order in place), The extra time spent on each customer and whether we need to increase our prices to cover this?Any advise would be fantastic thank you. 

Question submitted by @mr-candys 04/05/2020 @ 7:30 pm

Hello, I have made the decision to close my hospitality business – restaurant.  All forward bookings have been cancelled.  It was for sale for the 4 months prior to the covid19 crisis however then it had “worth”.  Regular monthly function bookings and also advance bookings and a healthy turnover.  It relies heavily on the tourist trade, both summer and winter as we are close to Tekapo and en-route to Queenstown.  It is in a small older population community, so therefore don’t really have a local base to draw on.  I am now wanting to get out, as I have another career that I can return to that offers a secure income.  My main aim at the moment is to rescue what I can of the initial capital investment that I put in.  I will put it up for sale on trade me for “offers” which will mean that the plant, fixtures and fittings will go to the new owner, but if it doesn’t sell (which I am not hopeful about) how do I get rid of all the plant, fixtures and fittings.  Are there companies that can come in and buy all of this and remove it for them to resell/auction and are they going to want to buy it when they too have no certainty of resale in the current climate.  We currently do not have any debts that we need to cover, as we are all up to date as of 20/4.  The current lease expires 1 July and of course I will not be renewing it, although there is a right of renewal available 3 + 3.  As I have said, all I really want to do is recoup some of my investment so that I do not lose the lot.  Re-opening will result in the need for me to go into debt which I do not want to do.  What is the best way for me to proceed?

Question submitted by @anonymous 22/04/2020 @ 3:05 pm
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