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Kia Ora, Team Manaaki is absolutely a phenomenal effort to support the business community. I am a new Kiwi, and have started exploring and understanding how the New Zealand business community works. Interestingly, I have learned its all about networking, and that’s why I am here. After reading many advice, suggestions, and guidance posted in Manaaki, I encouraged myself to ask for help here.I am a motion capture specialist holding a couple of accolades to my credits. For people wondering what is “Motion Capture” is the process of recording objects, animals, and human beings. (Good example: Lord of the Rings – Gollum character performed by Andy Serkis).Lately, I found a commercial motion capture studio in the Auckland region is missing. An academic unit at AUT is servicing some commercial projects as well, but unfortunately, it can’t serve large-scale productions. I have some exciting proposals coming from Hollywood and Bollywood, and I would like to connect with HNI’s who would be interested in investing in a motion capture studio. Investing in a motion capture studio is not a startup investment; it reasonably requires a considerable investment of USD 10m and above. Apart from creating IPs, the studio will serve industries like film, animation, games development, biomechanics, sports analysis, military, virtual reality, simulation, and artificial intelligence. I would like to get your perspective to add value to my proposal, and I am happy to get connected and discuss this further with like-minded investors. Thanks, and regards Ambrose Solomon 022 415 7615

Question submitted by @ambrose_solomon 21/09/2020 @ 11:03 am

Kia Ora team,My name is Curtis and I’m based out of Upper Hutt.I started my own business this year and left the Royal New Zealand Navy after serving 13 years in . I’m in the business of mental performance coaching and mainly focus on driven athletes. It’s a calculated risk that I’ve taken and i believe that my greater vision has the power to change so many lives. I received a payout and sold everything i didn’t need to start up my business, even sold my Ranger which i worked so hard to create. It was my dream truck that i wanted since i was 17. Again it was for the greater vision. All of that money went towards a few things to start up but mainly covering my mortgage till January plus other bills to look after my wife and kids.My question is, am I eligible for some sort of start up funding? I’ve looked online for some small business funding but i don’t fit the criteria because my business is quite new and hasn’t turned over enough so far. I’ve had people tell me that i am able to get funding but i’m unsure if i’m looking in the correct area. Could i please get some guidance in where to look and who to ask. I’ve just invested in upgrading my website and have written a book during lock down which is at the publishers. If you’re interested in checking out my website it is fivezerocoachng.com. It is really simple and basic for now, my intentions are to make it more detailed in what we offer and have testimonials, videos and a blog. I gain most of my clients through Instagram @fivezerocoachingAny advise is greatly appreciated not only in funding but in business as well. Warm regards,Curtis

Question submitted by @coachcurtisweeks 12/08/2020 @ 10:20 am
Viewing 16 topics - 1 through 15 (of 68 total)
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