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Hi, I’m planning to start a nature, health, and wellness Biz. For the initial months, I want to have an ecommerce store (website), selling only few items to gauge interest. So I planned to create a natural items basket with healthy living products. The products don’t have to necessarily be created by me, or my biz. I’m simply planning to use other brand items, but set them up in a basket. This basket created, will be the product by our business. I’m not sure if this plan is legitimate. Is this way of approach, ok? I’m thinking of the following ways to create my basket. Either of these may be the right option. Please guide.. :1st case) If its legally OK to use other brand products, in my basket, WITH their labelling, then I can do it this way.The issue is, why would anyone want to buy from me, if I have simply added existing brand items in my basket. What else can I do to make this basket sellable? Or, 2nd case) if its legally OK if I use other brands items, WITHOUT their labels, Then I can choose this way.My reasoning is that, as I have already paid for an existing Brand product, and so now this product belongs to me, so I can use it in my way, in my basket, without the need of that brand’s labels. Is it ok or not?I’m confused how people to do it? I’m wondering, does everyone always create their own items, to create baskets? I know a business based on selling gift baskets, consisting of stationery items, toys, goodies. This baskets were for different occasions, to be bought as gifts. I could easily tell that the items in the basket were not products created from scratch by the same business?Sometimes, some items, do not necessarily have the brand name/label on the item, as the brand name is present only on the packaging. So obviously, I don’t have to worry in this case. I can easily remove the packaging, and include in my basket. Again, is this OK? 3rd case) I can create my own little products for the basket. As it’s a wellness biz, I’m planning to create a natural house cleaner.The issue here is, do I have to mention all the ingredients in that homemade cleaner? Do I need to get it approved by some regulation agency? Do I need to ho through a rigorous process of creating and using licenses or something?This will be a very difficult task, as I have nothing really unique to create, but a lot of hurdles, before I get to any buyers, if at all…. I’m just intending to start a small business, with some ideas, some existing stuff, and then see how it goes from there.Can I simply be a reseller or something, yet have my own label and branding?Please help me with ideas to approach this. 

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Hello Experts, I am in need of some guidance on the best way to execute a program thathas been created – web / app or perhaps both? – I appreciate your time.I am writing on behalf of my husband, Mark Sutherland, whounfortunately at the age of 57 was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, June 2018.Prior to this diagnosis, we knew that things were changingfor Mark and so we spent many months writing an online course based around hisyears of expertise in high performance, which we named ‘The Sport of Business’.About Mark He coached the NZ Kayak team whose athletes won many World Championships andOlympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals (Paul MacDonald and Ian Ferguson)He was the trainer to the NewZealand Short Track Ice Skating Team that broke the world record and won theworld championships in the 5000m relay. He coached or trained nine worldchampion athletes from 8 sports with 3 World Records and lectured at 2Universities.In 1994 he made a deliberate four-year transition frominternational sport to performance coaching of business people. He surveyed andstudied the needs of management teams and business owners to find out what theconnections were between top sport and business leadership and management.He then introduced the skills,insights, experiences and principles of high-performance sport to businesspeople to help them elevate their performance and that of their business.Mark’s clients said that he was a ‘real world, straight-shooting,no-nonsense coach’ that quickly got to the heart of the matter and eliminatedthe Bull Shit allowing them to be successful. About the courseIt is a five-week online course or as Mark called it your Training Program,which focusses on unlocking your ‘Inner Champion’, helping you to build yourbusiness using the principles of high-performance sport. He shares 30 years’experience in the high-performance arena of elite sport and business.His purpose was to educate business owners by teaching themabout the proven and powerful strategies of Mindset, Resilience and Highperformance.His motivation was to help business owners lift theirpersonal performance so they can successfully drive their business to the nextlevel, resulting in more clients, more sales and more profits.  Coaching was Mark’s passion. The development ofthe Online CourseThis course was picked up by JBA in 2017 and their instructionaldesign and tech teams spent hundreds of hours building and developing it.However, as a tech business, they needed to constantly ensure their productswere aligned with a viable commercial strategy. This necessitated iterationinto virtual reality training with the corporate market in mind.  The Sport of Business was developed for onlinetraining platform to be of value to those who are either self-employed, aconsultant or the owner of a small business.  JBA advised us that this was no reflection on Mark’s IP northe quality of the content. They said it was an incredible body of work and atrue testament to Mark’s legacy in the sporting and business world.  They were so generous by providing us with all the webrootfiles and the final storyboards (in PowerPoint format)Due to Mark’s Alzheimer’s disease and that he no longerworks, I need to know what I should do. I really believe in this program andwhat Mark has spent years creating – how do I go about marketing this andfinding someone to help put it online or an app. I am 65, retired, not up todate with the full capacity that technology is moving at –  I’m stuck. Are there any suggestions?Thanks for your time and your maanaki.Debbie.

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