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Thanks for reading this far!E-Scooter Tours launched December last year, offering visitors to Auckland a way to explore the Central City in a fast, efficient & modern way. As we stumbled through with classic startup experiences with website development, advertising in local tourism outlets, spending online advertising etc etc, we ended up with 95% of our business coming through online booking platforms such as Air BnB Experiences & Trip Advisor. Our cliental were also 95% overseas visitors. With this client pool now non-existant, we have regeared to also offer our scooters by hireage for domestic customers as a fun, exciting, innovative & environmentally friendly recreational activity. Our product actually suits the current environment very, very well. The early days of our work involved a lot of trial and error, and we were proud to do this, however now we have less of luxuries time & capital. Our question, for our business, what is the best means of communicating our features and benefits to the kiwi adventurers whether they are looking to adventure across regions or across town at lunch time! We are certain our business can offer people an exciting & affordable escape, we just want to find the best way to convey this. Any help, discussion, direction, critical advice is whole hearted appreciated. Thanks for reading this far!

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I have an idea and want support or help to raise to higher areas if people think this could work  Kiwi’s Holidaying at Home Aim: • Stimulate the economy after covid-19 • Focus on Tourism & Hospitality (keep employment in that sector) • Get Kiwi’s to holiday in NZ and experience what our country has to offer. Product: A pre-paid Eft-pos card distributed to every NZ Family that can only be used at physical locations that are part of the government pre-approved travel scheme. It needs to be an eft-pos card so people cannot spend it online overseas and to keep the transaction fees low. The card would have an app associated with it that would have. • Card Balance • Previous Transactions • Approved Venues and associated information • Booking information etc… • Could have a discount scheme for future use to entice kiwis to travel internally There would also be an associated Website and dashboard for the venues to apply for the travel scheme and enter the appropriate information of their business. This will also have consumer analytics to help the venue understand the people visiting to help with their marketing efforts etc.. Infrastructure: The card would run on the Paymark network and venues can be loaded overnight. Payment to the venues from the card would be paid overnight also via Paymark. Paymark would discount their fees The app would receive data from both the card database (transactions) and the website database for the venue information. Companies who offer the experience would offer discount for experience or accommodation or travel . this could be topped up by government or card . e.g K Jet boats in Queenstown charges !150 per ride but discounts to $ 100 . They could still be reimbursed a portion of what they gave away 

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private driving in a time of Covid

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How do I get up to date with the latest business technology to find out what I need to be using in my industry?

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