Reply To: Kia Ora,My name is Louis Gordon. I am a 23 year old Masters student from the beautiful Bay of Plenty.I’m building a seaweed business that aims to deliver across a quadruple bottom line (culture, economic, environment, and society) whilst restoring the Mauri of our oceans – and I would really appreciate some help.Like most Kiwis, I have a strong affinity for our beautiful Moana (oceans and beaches) – spending much of my time in, on and around the water. Recently I decided I want to give back to it, as it has given me so much. As I looked into what I could do, I realised just how serious the threat to our oceans is…. From loss of biodiversity, to overfishing, to acidification, to effluent run off, the list of threats formidable. The more I looked the more of a problem I saw, and the more determined I became to start an initiative to help.What if we could make NZ Carbon Neutral through seaweed carbon sequestration?What if we could create more high-value products to support our economy, and subsequently create jobs, quality jobs, for hundreds if not thousands of people?What if the research was already there, but we just aren’t doing it yet? I am currently studying a Masters of Technological Futures through Tech Futures Lab, and am using my studies to address this problem – and answer these questions.The primary aim of my project is; To explore regenerative approaches to aquaculture in New Zealand, validating the need and corresponding opportunities as to how the apply across cultural, economic, environmental and societal aspects.And the question I’m looking to answer is; How might seaweed aquaculture be enabled to make a significant contribution to our economy while positively addressing climate change?Now here’s where I am stuck.I’m not sure how I go about getting water space to test my hypothesis, and prove that seaweed is viable, desirable and feasible. Is there any chance you could help?I’m trying my best and would be extremely grateful for any pointers for any aspects of the project!I truely believe that this project has the potential to deliver real value to our country across cultural economic, environmental and societal aspects. As guardians of the land and the sea, we need to start taking the things seriously so that we, our kids, and their kids, can go pippi dancing at low tide in whangamata, or catch a fish thats ‘this big I swear!!’. Thank you,Louis Gordon


Hi Louis,

If you are interested in considering growing seaweed in a landbased RAS, maybe we could work together…


Good luck