Reply To: Hey team!Hope you’re going well! We started a new company 6-months ago focusing specifically on helping eCommerce companies get to 8-figures and beyond through data-driven growth. Our clients are loving the results – averaging a 12x return on investment We’d love some ideas on how to stand out in the saturated digital marketing industry. Referrals are coming in now which is awesome, but the budget is still too limited to run ads and do the thing we’re really good at. Website is Robot Unicorn. We started by building a free DIY workshop in a box to try cut through the noise and show value upfront but now having the same issue of how do we get the word out about the workshop ­čśéThank you!Steven


Hi Steven,
Congratulations on the progress so far and sounds as if you have an appetite to grow faster.

I am wary of too much advice for you here are you are the marketing expert in a digital sense! So maybe I’ll offer some really old fashioned advice – look at your successful clients so far, identify what they have in common and go looking for more clients that look like them.

And then get on with the cold calls! Nothing like the phone and some surprise and delight first contacts to get things kicked off. Do the maths and work out how many client wins you need to be able to start using your own expertise to advertise your own business…

Good luck!