Reply To: WE NEED HELP, PLEASE.We own and operate a small mobile food truck business.We are needing someone to look at our business and tell if we are doing the right things or not.We make everything fresh and wholesome. We attend as many of the local market and events as we can. Things have been going well so far this year, but we are very uncertain about next year and what it will bring. I did send a message a while ago and heard nothing back, which I was disappointed at. We have tried seeking help locally but they let us down. We both work very hard and have invested in the business fairly heavily. We need someone to talk to who understands what we do and can advise with an unbiased opinion. We look forward to hearing from you soon.Ian & Janet Sturt


Hi guys. Happy to take a call to learn more about your business and the challenges/opportunities at hand. Whilst I have limited food truck experience I know the F&B/Restaurant industry well.
Contact me on my email if you’d like to set up a chat. jade@planttechnation.com