Reply To: How can we promote our website to get more sales? We sell a few items on Trademe and with all completed sales parcel up and post within 24hours of receiving payment. We have business cards and made a small flyer promoting some other items we have for sale trying to direct to our webpage. We also have a FaceBook page where we promote some items directing to trademe or webpage to complete a purchase. We also encourage people to ask questions and tell us what they like so we could order in for them.This is a web based tiny partnership while we both still work fulltime and hope to build up to one needing a retail presence.



Do you have a link to the website. A lot depends on the type of product and the margins / lifetime value of the client. If there is a reasonable margin, things like Google Shopping can be very effective. https://support.google.com/faqs/answer/2987537?hl=en

Also things like social media ads etc.