Reply To: How can we promote our website to get more sales? We sell a few items on Trademe and with all completed sales parcel up and post within 24hours of receiving payment. We have business cards and made a small flyer promoting some other items we have for sale trying to direct to our webpage. We also have a FaceBook page where we promote some items directing to trademe or webpage to complete a purchase. We also encourage people to ask questions and tell us what they like so we could order in for them.This is a web based tiny partnership while we both still work fulltime and hope to build up to one needing a retail presence.


Hi – Had a look at the website. There is quite a bit that can be done to improve the the user interface on the website. I think it would be worth testing Google Shopping and Facebook Ads, although the individual item value and presumably the margins are quite small. I imagine that people purchase more than one at a time?
I would also suggest doing keyword research and seeing what terms people are searching for that match your product. You could then build out a content strategy on your website around that.