Reply To: Hello ManaakiI came to you as a recommendation from my colleague Madeleine Taylor.I do some mentoring work of a small number of senior public sector people.Madeleine suggested you might convene or facilitate a group of people who meet together to talk about mentoring. EssentialIy ‘m looking for a peer supervision group.Is this something you can help with ? Cheers, Mary 


Morena Mary – so nice to hear from you and your korero to share. This is not something that is in the ‘wheelhouse’ or ‘focus’ of Manaaki which is focused on small business and supporting and enabling their journeys. However, in behind Manaaki are a whole bunch of people from different walks of life and capability – who themselves do a bunch of mentoring, consulting into different organisations – I am happy to ask the question if you emailed me andy.hamilton@manaaki.io and I can link you into one of our co-founders Jada MacFie for further discussion. Andy