Reply To: Kia Ora,I have created a very new Instagram for a product-based business (only one product atm), and I am wondering how I can reach/attract more people to my Instagram page organically? I have followed a lot of other Instagram pages who products that are similar to mine, and they have had quite a big reach before they even started selling their product! U have not yet launched my product or promoted it, but would like to know what steps I should be taking to gain an audience who I can then launch the product to.Ngā Mihi.


Hi There

Thank you for your question! Firstly your strategy of following other people who like similar products is a great start and you should definitely continue that as it is a great way to organically grow followers.

In terms of attracting/having more reach to potential customers, my recommendation is to boost some of your posts. You have control of your budget e.g. you could spend $2 a day or $10 a day, which means more people will see your posts but also follow you.
Below is an article with more information about boosting posts

I help run social media pages for e-commerce stores with a range of one product stores but also niche stores. If you ever have any further questions or want more help don’t hesitate to reach out annabellelindberg30@gmail.com

Have a great day and hope this helps!