Reply To: I started a hospitality business on a Marae in 2012. I want some help in financial management and keeping books up to date. Obviously, I am not good at doing this. I do not have a big annual turnover but if I managed this really well it could be an extremely successful business.  I need to put a succession plan in place. It may be through the embarrassment that I don’t ask but I need to now. right now.  


We would love to help. Given the proximity to Christmas would you be able to meet in January to discuss how we might best help – our office opens 18 January. We’re in Parnell if you’re Auckland based or we could cover off on the phone? Our website is https://vcfo.co.nz/
My email is Claire@VCFO.co.nz or my number is 0274899397

I hope we can assist. Merry Christmas

Claire Dilks
Associate Director
VCFO Group Limited