Reply To: Hi, I’m Education mad : ) with a Masters. I’ve developed an educational program especially for kids with super powers/ dyslexia; based on rich learning opportunities within our local communities (aligned with the NZ curriculum).I’m really keen to challenge status quo; provide learning opportunities based on 100% Human Potential for Individual and Collective Wellbeing.This program has been in action (hands-on) for the last couple of years. Today, I’m looking for somebody keen to give me a hand with the development of a digital platform/market place to support the Program’s vision and mission “Equitable Learning Opportunities for All”; … enabling all kiwi kids to develop their full Human Potential incl. the 21st century skills they’ll need for their future within their communities.Thanks so much : )


Is there an existing software solutions that can perform similar to the airbnb- experiences? Thanks so much for your very wise advice : )