Reply To: Hi,I’m looking for some advice regarding collecting VAT (tax).As a result of Brexit – we (an NZ product manufacturing and retail business) will now be required to collect VAT for our UK customers. Despite wading through many online documents regarding this – and contacting NZTE – we are still left with many questions. (Eg: Do we need a UK bank account? How streamlined is the actual process of paying VAT – does it integrate in with Xero software etc? What are the other fiscal record-keeping obligations etc?)Most website say: “Refer to a Tax expert”.We are wondering:• Are there any businesses out there that have been through this process that we could perhaps liaise with regarding this? OR;• Does anyone know of any Tax Experts whom might be able to efficiently/effectively provide this information?Thanks!Terry



@rachel-adams Thank you very much for that and putting me in contact with Morgen. Really appreciated. I reached out and he was a great help to us.

@darren-white Likewise thank you for your insights here. All good information.

Yes we are selling primarily through an online market place – in our case Shopify. I know that Shopify does have a way of “turning on” VAT of UK customers – but I am unsure to-what-extent Shopify will provide reports of individual and total VAT collected etc. I will be having a more in depth look over the coming week.

>> However, if you have anything further to add regarding VAT matters as it pertains to online market places – this would also be appreciated.

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