Reply To: Hi there,I have a couple of businesses in startup stage, and was wondering if I could seek assistance for sales please.1/ I have a partnership with an agency in China whom can source product for me, such as tiny homes and kids furniture.Im stuck as to how I can get this off the ground.Your help and / or guidance would be gratefully welcomed.Many thanks,Nadine


Morning Nadz – happy new year. Sounds like you have a couple things in plan.

Getting started is tough, as you are trying to work through ‘likely demand’ before you order a container full – validating the market, so you really understand who will be interested, what they will pay, how etc – so ‘where you start’ is the key risk piece to get right – the best way to do this, is to speak with and engage in your market, check out this article, I hope it might help –

We talk about validation – to truly understand the needs of your target market, and also where if anywhere there is prescient pain – real pain that will cause your target to say ‘i want it’ – so I would first, interview some potential customers and see if you can learn about their needs to confirm or not whether they fit the profile of the likely purchaser – so you can reduce down the risk of buying product first.

These lean startup methodologies are also quite good – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lean_startup

All the best – Andy