Good on your for asking – a bunch of questions, let’s get into it.

Q1. Become more savvy with technology and taxes – good on you, reading on the internet can help a lot with this, good luck.
Q2. Procure funding e.g. Judge Beecroft has a philanthropic fund I would like to apply to for my work. Can I – I don’t know actually, is it listed on a website with its criteria?
Q3. When do I need an accountant – always good to have good advice, what I do is do my book-keeping myself in an excel and then once a year I go to my accountant to do the books, I also file my own GST myself every 6 months.
Q4. Can I do my taxes and GST myself – I know I can, but you want to make sure you get it right. When you start out with a small number of transactions you might be able to do it yourself.
Q5. If I’m just under threshold of $60K should I still put money away for GST – technically, you only have to register for GST when you believe you are going to be over the threshold, but that also means you can’t claim or charge GST on your sales. It is always not a bad idea to put some money aside in my view however.
Q6. Mentor for my business start-up who should i go to? A techno/website builder person, or – a few places to find a mentor, both for the biz and also for helping on the tech – business mentors are good; also you regional business partner which you can find in most regions, or even your accountant, albeit they will charge more than likely.
Q7. Apply for funding for my bizo, so I can do reports without legal aid funding or lawyers – finding cash/funding for your business can be challenging; there are is the small business loans via the IRD you can apply for that; or look around for other programmes where they might fund, but it is tough finding these. ie i don’t think there are many. There is a programme with MSD but you have to be on a benefit to comply.
Q8. What does a business start up entail – like any other business, just get going, find your customers, sell them something and build from there. The biggest failure point for startups is not finding your customers.
Q9. What do I look for if I’m doing anything wrong – keep asking questions, keep learning, and hopefully you will find the path forward! A little bit of momentum every day!