Reply To: Hey team,I have a product that has sold really well using social channels and the likes of Chooice etc.I am now at the stage where I want to reach out to wholesalers and have a list of chain stores I see could be willing to take on my product. However, I wondered if there is any templates, or assistance in writing the email to the wholesale chain stores as I know it may be a ‘one shot’ to make an impression so don’t want to miss my chnace.Also things like what should be added in an initial reach out email.My website is tagsforgood.co.nz and I sell baby stroller signs that help to kindly warn strangers to not touch our babies in public. We also support many NZ childrens charities, such as The Neonatal Trust, Starship, little heart day and the cystic fibrosis community as many of our immunocompromised babies can have any one of the above mentioned illnesses, or spend time in our neonatal units. I’d love to have a chat before sending out my email to the retailers and really appreciate any advice or help given.Many thanksJessica Yaxley 


Morena – so good; great to see; my hack at times around this is to try and find another supplier who is supplying the retailers to help you; befriend them; then offer to buy them a coffee and get some guidance on how to deal with them; who to deal with them; use the NZ smallness to short-circuit your path of knowledge collection; so you are super ready when you make the approach.

I also think a referral in from another supplier can help; and also having clear track record of sales plus understanding of your target market and how that aligns to the retailer can help.

Go well!