Reply To: Hello Manaaki experts! My name is Lilah and I am a 10 year old schoolgirl.  I have been on a mission since 2019 to get more drinking fountains installed in our parks around the country (Auckland (for example) only has fountains in 5% of its parks) when I started The Public Water Project.  I decided to campaign for more fountains as I am passionate about preventing single use plastic entering our oceans and landfill. Drinking fountains also encourage healthy habits amongst children.  Initially, I was talking to companies about sponsoring fountains but last year made this more difficult so I also decided to launch a social enterprise to generate income that I can then use to buy fountains.My business is called Water Us and I am selling eco-friendly toilet paper (in gorgeous paper packaging designed by well known NZ artist, Reuben Paterson), with 50% of the profits going to buy drinking fountains for our parks and playgrounds.  I have launched a crowd-funding campaign on Pledge Me to pre-sell products which you can see here.  I want to raise $30,000 to fund the first bulk production run.  Once I have some stock, I will launch an online shop that will sell direct to my customers and I also want to offer a subscription service.  I would like some advice please on how to create good online marketing campaigns for facebook and instagram which will help me build my subscription business.  My mum has built a basic site for me on Shopify which you can see here as a temporary site until after my Pledge Me campaign finishes when we can then build an actual shop.    Thank you for your time.  


Hi Lilah,

This is absolutely amazing to hear about the work that you are doing. In fact it would be amazing for an adult to do, but for a ten-year-old you are phenomenal! Keep it up.

There is lots of great advice above. I will no doubt have advice too but would love to see the links you mentioned first… I do not see them included, could you please share the links to your shopify site and pledgeme campaign?

I own two digital marketing agencies (Likeable Lab and LeadSocial) specialising in social media and would be very happy to support you with some extra guidance and advice at no cost whatsoever. If you would like to take me up on this, please email me nick@likeablelab.com and I will be happy to guide you as best I can.

Keep up the phenomenal work!