Reply To: Hi there, I’m currently with an immigration consultancy business and we are currently brainstorming around developing our services to support organisations in bringing staff from overseas across the critical worker criteria (we are not a placement/recruitment firm but more on the advisory side). Currently, as you may know, the current climate can be challenging but it would definitely be helpful to us to get information from businesses around this topic.I am currently reaching out to business owners and trying to see if 1) have you brought in anyone overseas through the critical worker criteria from INZ 2) Is your business able to find local skilled talents and do you feel the need to hire from someone overseasThank you in advance and I definitely would love to hear your insights on this matter.


We have looked into this and the main issue is the definition of critical workers is very narrow (Criteria for long term critical workers):

Of note, the criteria mostly relates to the delivery or execution of:
a government-approved event, or
major government-approved programme, or
approved major infrastructure project.

There is a list of the approved projects here (mostly government infrastructure project):

So if this is a line of work you wish to pursue, I would suggest contacting the companies that are working on these projects to see if they need any help, or how they are getting on with INZ and getting people into NZ on these.

This is a big issue with many companies struggling to find staff in certain roles, e.g. IT roles, but the current INZ rules do not help with most of these type of roles.

Good luck!