Good Morning Norman,
Apologies for my late reply. I have been away out of cellphone coverage.
Jen had some great suggestions.
A more direct approach from a sales prospective –
As you have so many years experience in this field you will have a number of contacts and relationships with suppliers of cranes
and crane support people i.e. computer programmers and maintenance operators and equipment suppliers.
My suggestion would be to contact these people and
offer to refer your clients to them and vice versa. There is no doubt a crane operators association or governing body where you may
get a list of all the crane operators in New Zealand. This becomes your target list. I would recommend that you share this list
with your old contacts as they no doubt have clients on the list that they can refer to you and of course you will have clients
that you can refer to them.
Sounds like a simple solution and it is but it does require quite a lot of work in how you approach these people and manage them.
If you need any quick tips on how to achieve this I would be more than happy to share these with you.
One other idea, more marketing but still a good sales tool is to send out regular useful articles to not only your client base but
to other prospects you may have met along the way. This may be as simple as “five pitfalls to avoid when looking at Health & Safety”
or perhaps “new compliance regulations with regards crane operations”. No doubt you may be already doing this but most companies
only circulate the information to existing clients and miss out on a great potential market with their potential prospects and clients.
Brett Burgess – Sales Impact NZ