Reply To: Kia ora, I am a Maori designer/strategist and ive been working in the creative industries for the last 10 years. Im also a teacher, a disrupter and a change maker. I’ve built wellbeing strategies for international education providers, i’ve created a Maori and Pacific creative community (and event platform) and i’m now trying to develop a collaborative for maori designers—Im passionate about solving problems in my community. I’ve recently quit my job to pursue work in the community and I run a fulltime freelance design service covering strategy, design, photography and AR/digital production. Im currently trying to rely less on my agents to find me work in the ‘western studio land’ and im seeking out more community social driven work where I work directly with maori businesses. Where can I find this work? I know its out there and I know there’s heaps but for some reason i’m just struggling to find it. What are the spaces I can explore to connect with people in this space?


Kia ora
Wow! It sounds like you have some awesome initiatives going. I love the kaupapa and focus. Now that you know who you want to serve and how, it would be good to refine your business proposition/s and narrative. Then share them with your network – wwbsite, LinkedIn and FB.

My colleague Mihi and I work in a similar space but from a PR/comms perspective. We would be happy to korero and share some ideas.

Have you reached out to TPK yet? There’s also the Facebook community Buy Māori Made, which could be a good avenue for your freelance work. It could also be worth spending some time developing a list of your ideal clients/community projects. Who is doing great mahi out there but could really use your help?

How many clients/projects do you need to sustain you/meet your goals per quarter and year? Once you know how much work you need, it makes it easier to know how much effort to put into lead generation.

Feel free to drop us a line.

Ngā mihi