Reply To: How do we challenge market leaders who believe the service we have created “cannot work”, whilst respecting the work that they have already done in Aotearoa and not be compromising in how we push boundaries of what is possible?


This is the classic challenge of innovation. Imagine if everyone said “it wouldn’t work” and that was it. I am sure you can think of hundred’s of successful businesses that wouldn’t exist!

The opportunity is if you need the market leaders to be engaged/supportive/enabling to your success, how to you find opportunities to partner or connect on where you have alignment? Many more established, more traditional organisation s may not have the flexibility (or bravery!) to try something new or to fail.

My encouragement is not to compromise and to push boundaries. If you are addressing a social challenge, be confident that innovation and new ways to solve a problem are exactly what we need right now!

Ngā mihi nui,