Reply To: Hi I need help with getting a position/opinion for the DIA in relation to my AML requirements and status as a business.I seem to fit outside the prescribed definitions, and therefore open to some degree of interpretation.I hope you have access to someone that can help.Note that I have been to One AML, and an independent consultant, and I’m now at the point where I’ll probably need either a legal opinion or some advice that will give me a defendable position with the DIA.Regards 


Hi. Happy to help if you need a view on whether you fall into the captured categories as a reporting entity. There are certainly some grey areas, although there are some places we can go to help form a view (e.g. the Financial Action Task Force, a global body which sets AML standards and which is the source of most of the definitions in our legislation). You can email me on jeremy.muir@minterellison.co.nz if that’s helpful. Cheers, Jeremy