Reply To: HiI’m looking for a virtual CTO.I’m about to launch an online auction site where the proceeds of the sales go to charities.The development is nearly complete, and I’ll need to arrange hosting (I’ll be given the code).So essentially, I’d like support in getting the hosting set up, as well as highlighting any other areas from a technology perspective that I need to be aware of, and address appropriately.I hope this is enough information to start a conversation and get the correct person on board.Regards 


Hi @moonie,
What’s the tech environment for your site? AWS/Azure?
Take a quick look at http://www.getoltered.com and http://www.imagimationschool.com. I’ve a team of tech guys who work with tech supporting the “charities” sector and we can probably get your environment hosted for you quite quickly. Email is rob@getoltered.com.