Reply To: Hello, I’m Morg & I’m currently founding a non-alcoholic sparkling drinks company aiming to (eventually) export product into Asia. Like most start-ups I have limited capital to develop and launch my venture and i’m wrestling with a kind of strategic fork in the road. Practically, I need to prove concept here in NZ before taking the leap overseas but I’m worried efforts to succeed domestically are efforts which won’t translate overseas. For instance different taste buds and cultural values mean recipe work, packaging and overall brand tone might fall flat in the markets I really want them to succeed. I acknowledge the opportunity to lean into the diaspora here in NZ but remain confused on the best approach to balance the need to develop for two distinct consumers. How can I build a product fit for Asia that works in New Zealand first?Am I overthinking this?Do you have any great resources or contacts that might have answered a similar question with their product?Cheers,Morg Fisher


Hey Morg – I know a few founders/owners have faced this issue; and it is challenging; Scotty from Blue Frog Breakfast has learned a bit on this, most of their Asia market volume has been selling to a channel who supply the western / expats – as they founder muesli/porridge adoption not that high up there. Happy to connnect you to him if you want to send me an email – andy.hamilton@manaaki.io