Reply To: Do you know where I can find a business mentor? I am a very experienced writer and editor, now building websites for individuals and small businesses. I am able to use my content writing, photography and design skills in creating simple and stylishand optimised websites. My trouble is that I don’t really know how to market myself and would like some guidance. I am up against large companies that are very technically savvy but I am offering a more personalised service. My clients love me. But I need more clients to make a proper business of this. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi there,
You can also try Business Mentor NZ. They have a range of mentors and at a low fee. Alternatively you can also speak to your Regional Business Partner which is a government funded free service. The business advisors will be able to give you some topline advise and give you a few recommendations with regards to the right mentor for you. There is also some funding through them that you may be able to access.
Hope that this helps.
If you need to, feel free to reach out again.
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Anne- Marketing Minds