Reply To: Hi there. Kind Face is coming up to its first birthday and I feel the time is right to seperate it from the parent business Uren Barsal to achieve its full potential.I am thinking of looking for an investor who also has experience / skills in areas where I don’t. It feels like there are a million things to think of / through and I was hoping a Manaaki expert might be able to cull this list and advise what the next steps should be.Many thanks.Chris


Kia Ora Chris – awesome – I have a few readings I could send you about the process of raising capital and what you can do to help give you the best chance of raising successfully. Before I do that – a couple things that I think could help for you to do:
1) what is the ‘dream’ for the business of Kind Face and document it – a strategy if you like
2) what does ‘1’ say about your funding and capability needs
3) is the answer to ‘2’ a co-founder or an investor – this is important as most investors these days will want to help, but they don’t lie awake at night worrying, you the founder does that
4) build a profile of the ideal ‘founder’ and/or ‘investor’ you are looking for
5) go and source a pipeline of them
6) negotiate and close and settle

It sounds super easy, but it is not.

Here are a couple readings and always happy to chat further if you like – email is andy.hamilton@manaaki.io or other Manaaki experts can jump in too.