Reply To: Morena,I have a small website which I outsourced and now they seem to have dropped me like a stone. The website is through wordpress and I have all the login details etc.When you google search my company name and a key word it doesn’t come up with my website but rather a wholesaler that stocks me, and then my facebbok page etc .I know this has something to do with SEO’s but do i need to install a plugin for this and if so, are there any that you would recommend and then how do I go about making myself more visible.Thanks


I sympathise.

Take up @Richard’s offer above.

But do check a couple of things first
1 – who hosts your website?
2 – have you paid your hosting bill?
3 – did you pay the web developers bill?

I’ve had clients neglect to pay a bill and they don’t see the chasing reminders…

A phone call to your hosting company billing department may be all it takes to fix this.