Reply To: Hi, we are a small business wanting to get printed zip lock pouch bags done for our food products. I have been looking at different printing companies through China. While the prices are good I am nervous to choose a good repretable company. Could you offer any advice on either a good company to use or what to look out for/questions to ask etc. It’s a huge investment so just want to make sure we get it right. The price per bag is obviously extremely important. We hope this next step will help us move into more small supermarkets etc and have added barcodes to the products etc. Looking for small quantities of around 10,000 units per product 4-5 products. Food grade bags. Thanks so much for any help you could offer. 


Hi. I agree with Vicky. In my experience,Brent Mason is quite active in this space and seemingly well connected. My caution on Brent is to make sure there’s sufficient time for different sign off processes. As for samples before production samples are done, check item is to spec and print colours etc matches your expectation. Brent’s email is brentmason@qsrprocurement.com. Good luck.