Reply To: Hi everyoneI have been establishing a business since February and while I understand patience is the key here, I’m hoping you might be able to shine some light for me;1) I have been trying to become “Google Verified” but both verification postcards have failed to arrive. Without it my Google Business account is limited to a few functions and I think it will also affect my SEO. Apparently you can request verification by phone or email but when I walk through the steps I only get postcard as an option. Does anyone know how I can become verified or if nothing else, contact Google by phone or email? 2) I have a small but growing social media presence. Those that follow me and read my posts appear to like what I have to say but so far, Followers are not purchasing. Is there any advice for how to get more sales conversions? You can find me on Facebook and Instagram @thenightshiftnz.3) I have been in touch with some advertisers but it is so expensive and I don’t really have enough capital to invest so much into advertising yet. That said, I feel like its the only way to get my brand “out there”. Is there a way to help decide where/when/how to advertise to ensure biggest bang for your money?4) Facebook has recently updated how it shows business pages and they now have a newsfeed of their own. In the process it seems my customers are no longer able to post new reviews (although you can still see the older ones). I have checked all the settings I can find but can’t figure out how to allow reviews again. Does anyone know what I need to do?Thanks everyone 


With regard to Google my Business, I suggest you ask for a new postcard to be sent.
First check Google Maps that your address there is IDENTICAL to the address on Google My Business, then request the card again.