Reply To: Kia Ora whanau, anei taku patai I have a small tarot reading business online I want to know if any one knows of some suppliers who sell tarot cards and crystals, sages ect and what would you advise that I sell on behalf of the supplier until I can afford to buy enough stock or should I just go all out and try sell my own from the supplier as I am funding savvy I could look around for help and buy my own merchandise I already have tshirt designs, looking for a supplier, printer,T-shirt supplies also and wanting do like cups and maybe incense yea thanks manaaki you guys are just awesome.


Morena Temauri.
Sounds as if you have a vision for the space you want to work in, and some decisions to make. I would suggest that you get out the old spreadsheet and do some forecasts to work out the best way for you to work.
Look at the buy price, any costs you will have, the sell price and what that means for your margin. Then compare the two options and see which makes better sense.

A lot of people I know source tshirts from AS Colour and then customise. I don’t know a lot about that sector but might be a good place to start.

Have fun! Vicky